SDG Typo Blaster

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SDG TypoBlaster

Created by John MacDonald

Typo Blaster is a game designed to be played by two typists on the same machine. Words will float towards the player's spaceship in the center of the screen. Both players must cooperate to type the same word. When both players finish typing the word, the word will be shot out of existence. As the game progresses, more and more words attack the player's spaceship at faster and faster speeds. If a word reaches the spaceship, the game will end and you will be shown your score.


Unzip all files (executable plus dependancies) into a single folder.
For the source, you will have to relink the reference to the SDGToolkit dll.

How it works:

See the Video sdg-typoblaster.wmv


This SDG example is developed by: John MacDonald, Jan 2006 as a course assignment for CPSC 581 (U Calgary), with permission