SDG Toolkit

The SDG Toolkit is a framework for designing single display groupware applications by managing multiple mice, keyboards, multiple cursors, and mouse/cursor orientation. SDGT is implemented as a .NET package.


Download and Installation

  • Sdgt Download / unzip the SDG Toolkit library and documentation into a folder with a descriptive name (e.g., SDGToolkit).
  • Include SDGToolkit into the Visual Studio Toolbox: Follow these step by step instructions once to finalize how the SDGToolkit appears in Visual Studio
  • SDGToolkit API Documentation: View it by selecting the .chm file in the SDGToolkit folder.
  • Version History of the SDG Toolkit.

Tutorials and Examples

  • Simple Sketch. Learn how to use multiple mice and adjust their properties.
  • Tic Tac Toe. Learn how to create SDG Widgets by building a simple tic tac toe game.
  • Simple Text. Learn how to use multiple keyboards
  • Simple Spline. Learn how to create a SDG-aware graphics.
  • Toolglass. Learn how to use SDGForm to create a floating tool palette.
  • SDG Widget Application You can also download, unzip and run the msi: This is the SDG Widget library above containing 3 basic SDG widgets: checkbox, radio button, and trackbar. The installer contains the DLL for the widgets, as well as a demo application, and the source for both.

SDG Examples

More SDG Examples, from the Winter 2006 CPSC 581 class



Papers / Videos