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Toolkits: SDGSystemVsSDGMice

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How to: The System Mouse vs SDG Mice: Things you need to know.

  • Unzip all files (executables plus dependancies) into a single folder.
  • The executable should run just by clicking the .exe
  • For recompiling the source, you may have to reset the sdgt reference to point to where you had put the SDGToolkit dll.
  • See the end of this page for a description of what this program does.

Windows offers only a single system mouse, and consequently draws only a single system cursor on the screen. When you plug in multiple mice, windows just combines their input to move the system cursor. Similarly, all widgets in windows react to input from the single mouse.

Because SDGToolkit provides multiple mice and cursors (without the knowledge of Windows), it directly violates the Windows GUI. This creates several issues (see the SDG Toolkit paper in the How To section for a complete discussion).

Setting SDG Mice coordinates. In windows, mice coordinates are normally reported relative to a window. SDG mice work differently.

What should we do with the system mouse? The system mouse is still around when you use SDGToolkit. However, it does provide several strategies for dealing with it.

Normal GUI widgets won't work properly with SDG mice. Normal GUI widgets won't work at all if the System Mouse is parked. Yet you can have the System Mouse follow a specific SDG mouse.

Confused? It all comes from having a window system with an ingrained notion that there could ever be a single mouse pointer. All commercial systems work this way. how bizarre.

Sdg Mouse Parking Demonstration Program. Download and try the program included on this page. It demonstrates what happens. Beware: this is ugly behaviour.

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