SDG Smooth Draw

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SDG Smooth Draw

Created by Tony Quach

Smooth Draw is a simple single display groupware (SDG) drawing application. It focuses on smooth transitions of the pen strokes (mainly itís size and colour). The pen strokes change via a mouse in the control panel grid while the other mouse draws onto the drawing panel. The smoothness or rigidness of the transitions depend on the speed of both mice.


Unzip all files (executable plus dependancies) into a single folder.
For the source, you will have to relink the reference to the SDGToolkit dll.

See the Video:

A brief video is available sdgSmoothDraw.wmv

How it works:

This application is intended for 1-person use with two mice. One mouse is used to control the variation of pen strokes (named "modifiers") via the control panel grid while the other mouse actually performs the drawing via the drawing panel. Right clicking on the control panel activates it (the control panel's border is blue when inactive and red when active) and the 2 modifiers are displayed on the control panel's right and top. They can be manipulated while dragging the mouse around the control panel. To draw, right click on the drawing panel, left click erases.

For example, the control panel above is set to alter Size (horizontal axis) and Brightness (vertical axis), size and brightness are the 2 modifiers in this case. The default colour was set to yellow before any pen alterations. The size of the pen increases as the control panel mouse moves to the right and the brightness increases when it moves upwards. The result is a progressively lighter yellow whose pen size increases. The circle "text" under both mice indicates which colour will be drawn.

Note however, that the rate at which the modifiers change the pen strokes depends on the speed of the control panel mouse and the drawing mouse. There are 9 default colours and 6 custom colours. Left clicking on any one of the custom colour buttons will copy the current colour and size to that control. Right clicking on the custom color control loads that colour and pen size.

There are a total of 6 different modifiers. Press the "Change" buttons to set them. A modifier can be selected for both the horizontal and vertical axis, the resulting pen stroke effects are doubled.

This SDG example is developed by: Tony Quach, Jan 2006 as a course assignment for CPSC 581 (U Calgary), with permission