SDG Oh Nuts

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SDG Oh Nuts! ''

Created by Jordan Schann

A red squirrel and a blue squirrel hold a red and blue hole. Red and blue nuts fall from the sky. The goal of the game is for the two players to work together to put the red nuts in the red hole, and the blue nuts in the blue hole. Each player has a robot arm, each controlled by two mice (i.e., 4 mice total). Players can grab and move the nuts, and even pass them to each other.


Unzip all files (executable plus dependancies) into a single folder.
For the source, you will have to relink the reference to the SDGToolkit dll.

See the Video An illustrative video is available: sdg-ohnuts.wmv

How to play:

  • You assign the various mice to the particular parts off each robot arm via thisconfiguration screen.
  • The challenge is controlling the arm with bimanual input (two mice).
  • each round is one minute
  • the more nuts you both get in, the higher the score.


This SDG example is developed by: Jordan Schann, Jan 2006 as a course assignment for CPSC 581 (U Calgary), with permission