If You See More Mice Than You Actually Have

If you run the SDG Toolkit on:

  • a laptop,
  • a tablet PC
  • other computers with devices that emulate the mouse

These other input devices (such as the touch pad or isometric joy stick) will likely register as an SDG mouse. The same goes for any other mouse emulation drivers (e.g., a touch-sensitive Smart board). However, they may not all behave the way you want them to, i.e., some may be non-functional.

You can remove these unwanted mice by setting Mice[#].Visible = false;

For keyboards, any keyboard emulation software (and sometimes spyware) may also register as another keyboard. Extra keyboards should not usually cause any visual errors in a program.

You may have to hard-code and/or special case your program to handle these conditions. You should check by makiing sure that you are using the

  • sdgManager1.Mice.Count property for getting the correct number of total mice and
  • sdgManager1.Keyboards.Count property for getting the total number of keyboards.

Unfortunately, this is a side effect of trying to implement a multi-mice system atop an operatings system that has a rigid view of a single mouse. See SDG System Vs SDG Mice for a more detailed explanation of this behaviour.