SDG Mind Bender Game

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SDG Mind Bender

A challenging and competitive coordination game!


Unzip all files (executable plus dependancies) into a single folder.

See the Video:

See the video at sdgMindBender.wmv

How to:

  • Attach two mice to your computer, otherwise the program will crash
  • Two cursors will appear, each labelled by color. Figure out which one is yours and which color you are.
  • The left and right squares are the start and end points for the respective colours
  • When both people move their mice over their respective start points, the game starts
  • Each person needs to travel over as many round targets as possible and then end at the other person's startpoint (your end point)
  • Go fast fast fast
  • There are four trials. The first is easy. The next levels are challenging!
  • Alt-F4 will quit the game at any time
  • Have fun :-)

This SDG example is developed by: Petra Neumann Fall 2005, with permission