SDG Dream Paper Doll

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SDG Dream Paper Doll

Created by Sandra Khorina

Main users are kids ages 4 to 8, mostly girls, where two of them can simultaneously drag and drop pieces of clothing to dress up the doll. Users may also layer clothes on top of each other. Children need to work together to change the color of their clothing. After selecting 'Start Coloring' in the top left corner, a color palette pops up. One of the children controls its position. The other child controls which piece of clothing gets colored. To color, change the position of color palette to be over the item you want to color, and with the other mouse double click over that item. The color gets changed. When you finish coloring simply click on 'Stop Coloring' and you will be back to drag&drop mode.

Each user has a color associated with him. The color of the cursor is the color corresponding to that user. For example, when 'Sandra' selects and drags a tank top, the tanktop's outline is colored with Sandra's color. Even after Sandra changes the color of a tanktop, the outline stays the same. As soon as another user selects the tanktop, it becomes their item. Once Sandra is done putting together her outfit, she can see which clothes 'belong' to her, and she can select 'Print Sandra's wardrobe' to print off her creations. She will then use scissors to cut out the doll and the outfits from the printout.


Unzip all files (executable plus dependancies) into a single folder.
For the source, you will have to relink the reference to the SDGToolkit dll.

How it works:

See the Video: sdg-DreamPaperDoll.wmv


This SDG example is developed by: Sandra Khorina Jan 2006 as a course assignment for CPSC 581 (U Calgary), with permission