SDG Candy Game

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SDG Candy

Collect as many candies as you can before the other person steals them all!

Unzip all files (executables plus dependancies) into a single folder

How to play:

  • Run SDGCandy.exe
  • Two players: YOU and ME, each with their own mouse pointer: ME is pink, YOU is blue
  • Goal is to get 10 candies in your respective jar first
  • (Start game with a 1-2-3-Go!)
  • If you are ME, you must collect pink candies to get points. YOU must collect blue candies.
  • ME can steal candies from YOU by clicking on blue candies. YOU can steal candies from ME by clicking on pink candies.
  • If YOU or ME clicks on a candy that is not blue or pink, that player loses a candy from their jar.
  • The aim is over when one player gets 10 candies in their jar, or ends in a draw when there are no blue or pink candies left.
  • Have fun!

This SDG example is developed by: Stephanie Smale, Fall 2005. Included with permission.