SDG Button Widget

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SDG Button Widget

An SDG Button that can be configured to respond to multiple mice in two different ways (see UseLock property)

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  • generated when the user(s) release the button after pressing it
  • returns the ID of the mouse that released the button



  • if false, allows simultaneous use of the button where More than one can press it, but the click isn't generated until all release
  • if true, the button is 'locked' by the first person who presses and ultimately releases it; the click is generated when that person, and only that person, releases it.


  • like the normal Text property of a button, but I had to use the word Caption instead of Text as I couldn't figure out how to make an overloaded property appear in the Visual Studio Designer

Basic button properties

  • should work mostly as expected, e.g., Font, BackColor, ForeColor, BackgroundImage, Enabled, etc.

Known limitations

  • unlike a normal button, moving the cursor off of the button does not release it (to be fixed at some point)
  • double buffering isn't correctly implemented, so there may be some flickering during redraws when the BackgroundImage is used.
  • the event handler for the Click event should be implemented to fit the 'e.' pattern
  • Rob Diaz's SDGWidget has more sophisticated versions of how widgets can be done.

This SDG example is developed by: Saul Greenberg, Winter 2006. Included with permission.