Robs Future Work List

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  • Change all instances of "Volume" to be "Feature" instead.
  • Use "Subject" to described TrackedPresences. Reserve "Presence" to mean anything physical in the space, ie. Features, Devices, and Subjects.

Proximity Toolkit Library

  • Expand the LocationDecorator to contain optional Marker information.
  • Create a CollisionDecorator that contains the collision volume of the presence.
  • Better decoupling from System.Windows.Forms (required for Screen) and System.Drawing (required for Point/F, Rectangle/F, Size/F) libraries.
  • LocationRelationArgs indexable by Marker name, much like the PointerRelationArgs.
  • Merge all Rotation functionality with Orientation. Provide indexing possibilities to handle segments and joints. Remove Pose decorator.

Proximity Server Application

  • Finish or elaborate on relation visualizations.
  • Visualization of session playback.
  • Automatically reload Vicon Skeletons when VSK path is changed. Currently a restart of the program is required.
  • Sleep mode when minimized and no clients connected, to minimize CPU usage when not being used.

Vicon Input Module

  • Add ability to define collision volumes from VSK editor, and save data in VSK file.