Register The Windows Hooker DLL

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How to register the Windows Hooker DLL

To complete your installation, you need to register the Windows Hooker Dynamic Link Library (DLL) with Windows. This needs to be done only once on your machine.

1. Before starting (and if you have not already done so), download, unzip, and save the Windows Hooker files into a convenient folder (e.g., named Windows Hooker).

2. Right click on the WindowsHooker.dll file and select Open With > Choose Program

3. Then after clicking the open with dialog, choose to select the program from a list

4. When the new dialog appears choose the "browse" button and navigate to "c:\windows\system32\regsvr32.exe" choose okay. Your screen should now look like below.

5. Optional Select the "Always use the selected program.." option, this way you can double click any COM DLL to register it in the future (note: this is the only DLL that needs to be registered with windows, keyhook.dll and mousehook.dll are support libraries.

6. Click OK, you should see the following message