Proximity Toolkit Bugs

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This page is a persistent record of all outstanding and resolved issues with the Proximity Toolkit. Please precede any new bug reports with the date they are logged, followed by a unique lowercase letter so that each bug can be managed individually. (For example, the first bug logged on 1 June 2008 would be 20080601a.)

When closing bugs, please append the version number of the ProximityToolkit software that fixed the bug, for example, "(fixed version 1.1)".


Critical Bugs

  • 20101201 [Matthew] Using any item with a pointer along with some other items (definitely 6+) causes ProximityToolkit to crash every time.
  • 20101201a [Matthew] ProximityToolkit crashes consistently with 8+ items.

Non-Critical Bugs

  • [Till] When adding a pointer using the vsk-editor and you don`t assign all the values, the .vsk file will be damaged and prevent the server from starting. You could just put in default values when adding a pointer or a display to a presence.
  • 20101124 [Matthew] When doing a recording, the stop button for the recording should be in the same place as the play button. Currently, we have to fumble around to find the stop button while recording.
  • 20101130 [Richard] The WPF "check for presence" window cannot show more than 4 presences.

Feature Requests

  • [Till]Can you add keyboard shortcuts (e.g. F5 for "reload subjects"...)
  • 20101007b [Rich] I would like the behaviour of ProximityToolkit's Close button to be identical to Vicon Nexus. When the window is closed, the application closes. This reminds the developer not to close Vicon nexus window.

Closed Bugs

  • Not a bug - wrong file was used. For joint models there are two versions; names are on the sticker [nic]. 20101007a [rich] Models with joints (e.g., GloveA) will cause the ProximityToolkit to crash on startup or during runtime.