The GroupLab.Phidgets.NET library provides a set of Microsoft.NET Common Language Runtime wrappers for the Phidgets™ library. These wrappers make it easier to program phidgets in C# and other .NET languages than using the COM Interop assemblies that automatically generated by Visual Studio .NET.

Note that this version of Phidgets.Net is begin replaced by the SharedPhidgets toolkit. If you want to create distributed physical user interface, you can also use the SharedPhidgets Toolkit, that uses a shared dictionary of the .Networking toolkit to make it easier to develop physical user interfaces with remote located components.


Download and Installation

The most current C# release is:

  • To run the Phidgets setup you might need to install the following two .NET Versions:
  • Phidgets.Net version 1.3.5
  • Once it is installed, open the Phidgets Tutorial (draft) book below and follow the instructions for 'Adding Phidgets to the Toolbox' on page 70.
  • Use Chapter 2 of the book to write your first Phidgets program
  • After installation, you will find source demonstrating many phidgets under C:\Program Files\GroupLab\Phidgets.NET\Demos , or you can download it separately by getting the PhidgetDemo file in the Examples section



  • Demos of many Phidgets which include source code.
    • Some phidgets have several examples of how to use them: a very simple one that shows basic functionality, another one that exercises almost all its properties, and a 3rd that illustrates its skin in action. This is a very valuable resource for learning how to code Phidgets.
    • Note that due to the way Phidgets are designed, if you try to access a single phidget through two programs at the same time confusing things may happen.
    • Finally, if you run and stop one program controlling a phidget, you may have to wait a moment or two (or quit and restart the demo program) before you can use the second program (the 2nd program may not connect to the phidget).