Path Conventions Of Entries In The Shared Dictionary

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There is a path hierarchy of the entries in the shared dictionary server instance. The root path of all SharedPhidgets path entries is /sharedphidgets/, followed by the device identifier and the serial number. Thereafter, all the status, control and metadata keys are added.

You can use the SharedPhidgets Explorer tool to see all available entries in the SharedPhidgets dictionary. Here, you can also change values, delete entries and filter displayed entries by specified attributes.

Note: If you add your custom key-value-pairs to the dictionary, please use a different root path than /sharedphidgets/! For example you can use the path /yourapplicationname/.

Here are some examples of the path entries in the dictionary:

// Command to control the servo number 0 of servo controller with the serial 481

// Location of the servo with the serial 7911

// Value of sensor port 6 at the InterfaceKit with the serial 2501

// Set the display text of the TextLCD with the serial 2334

The dictionary model of the appliances are sub entries of the /appliance/ rootpath:

// The name of an appliance (with <guid> as the global unique identification

// Processing event of an appliance

// Utilized hardware device of the appliance (the path expression to
// the device root path in the dictionary)