iNetwork Toolkit is a library that simplifies message communication between processes running on the same or different machines, and even between Smart Phones and a conventional computer. You can use it to relay messages through a server, or even to create a server that acts on the messages it receives.

Download and Install


  • Make sure that Visual Studio 2010 Professional or Express is installed.


Download and execute the Basic iNetwork Tookit Installer.

Note: The toolkit dll, executable tutorial codes and templates will be found in a folder called GroupLab iNetwork Toolkit, Basic in your Documents folder.

  • Manually move the templates (2 zip files) from GroupLab iNetwork Toolkit to the VisualC# folder in the Templates directory within in the Visual Studio folder.

Getting Started

  • Visual Studio Set-Up Using the iNetwork Toolkit provides instructions for how to create a basic client/server project using templates (see recipes below).
  • Client and Server Template explains the code found in each of the templates (see recipes below). We recommend reading it before proceeding.
  • Tutorial Examples section below teaches iNetwork programming by providing easy to follow examples.

For Advanced Developers

  • The iNetwork Toolkit, Source is available for your perusal. Most developers won't bother, as it is not needed to use the toolkit.
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New: iNetwork Workshop

Click here for a quick start + notes to use iNetwork.

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Recipes and How-To's

iNetwork Basics
iNetwork Toolkit
  • Messages - Sending and Receiving messages using the toolkit (communication between client(s) and server)
  • ITransferable Objects - Sending and Receiving object types not supported by the Message class
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Tutorial Examples

  • Incrementor -- multiple users increment a shared value
  • Chat -- simulating an instant messaging environment with two or more users
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