How To Use The Infrastructure Exploration Utilities

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First, start the Explorer utility:

In the connection dialog, choose the address of the shared dictionary server instance:

Once the connection is opened, the 'Shared Dictionary' view of the utility will display all entries of the shared dictionary:

By adding search terms to the search field, developers can search for particular entries; e.g., all metadata entries:

On the bottom are controls to edit, add, and delete entries:

A dialog window will appear for editing and adding entries:

Besides the dictionary view, the developers can switch to the view of the available hardware devices. This view allows the monitoring, as well as the control of the currently attached hardware devices (that could be located anywhere on the network).

Various methods are available to select devices. First, a list view shows all the attached devices:

It is also possible to select devices based on the entries in the shared dictionary, e.g., the metadata entries:

Alternatively, the user can manually select a device (by selecting the type and the serial of the hardware device):

All available instances of developed appliances can be viewed by selecting the 'Appliance Instances' tab of the Explorer utility. It allows the introspection of the appliance model, and run-time configuration of the appliance properties.

Finally, the fourth view to the infrastructure is the map visualization.