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Toolkits: HowToIterateThroughAllAvailablePhidgetDevices

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You need the PhidgetManager object to iterate through all the available Phidgets:

// PhidgetManager object
GroupLab.SharedPhidgets.PhidgetManager phidgetManager =
  new GroupLab.SharedPhidgets.PhidgetManager();

// The devices
GroupLab.SharedPhidgets.PhidgetDevices devices =

// Iterate through the device list
foreach(GroupLab.SharedPhidgets.PhidgetDevice dev in devices)
  // Here you can read all the attributes of the device

  int serial       = dev.SerialNumber;
  string name      = dev.Name;
  string location  = dev.Location;
  string owner     = dev.Owner;
  string keywords  = dev.Keywords;
  float version    = dev.Version;  


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