How To Include GSI Demo In The Visual Studio Toolbox

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How to Include the GSI Demo in the Visual Studio Toolbox

To complete your installation, you need to include the GSI Demo components in the Visual Studio Toolbox. This needs to be done only once on your machine.

1. Before starting (and if you have not already done so), make sure that you have downloaded and installed all of the required components mentioned in the download instructions. Plug in your Diamond Touch table and make sure that it is working (try using the merldt.exe utility).

2. Open Visual Studio .NET and create a new C# Windows Application

3. (optional but recommended) Create a tab that will contain the GSI Demo components. In the toolbox on the left of the screen, right click to raise the context menu and choose Add Tab. A form fill-in field will appear at the bottom of the toolbox. Type in GSI Demo (or whatever name you prefer) and then select that tab after it has been created (not shown in the figures below).

4. Now right click in the Toolbox tab where you want the GSI Demo Components to be located (e.g., the GSI Demo tab created in the above step) and select Choose Items

5. A dialog box will appear. Click on the ".NET Framework Components" tab then press the "Browse" button and find the location where the GSI Demo DLL is saved (default location is c:\program files\ilab\GSI Demo\Gsi Demo Library.dll and GestureEngine.dll). Select the .dll(s) located there, click "Open" then click "Ok". This will automatically add all the components in this dll to the toolbox.

6. You should now see two GSI Demo Components in the tab, similar to what is illustrated below. These components work like other Toolbox components. For example, click on the Multimodal Multi User Integrator and drag an instance onto the form (this was done in the Figure below).

7. Now go on to the Sketch Tutorial to actually build a GSI Demo application.