Gsi Demo FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I get support for GSI Demo?
    Currently, GSI Demo is an early research prototype. It is provided 'as is' for the benefit of those who wish to explore speech and gesture interaction over digital tables. Unfortunately there are no resources to provide support for GSI Demo at this time.
  • How do I obtain the source code for GSI Demo?
    Currently we are interested in seeing what people will do with GSI Demo as they might be used as case studies for a PhD thesis. If you are willing to have the project that you are working on included as a case study for a PhD Thesis we can provide the source code under the Academic Free License. Please contact Edward Tse for more information.
  • Will GSI Demo work in Java
    Unfortunately, GSI Demo is implemented as a Microsoft .NET component. Thus the GSI Demo component itself will not work in Java. However, it may be possible to combine some of the pieces of GSI Demo into a form that will work in Java. For example, the DiamondSpin toolkit contains tools for application development in Java. If this were combined with the Java Speech API or some other compatible speech API, you would have the core components for application development in GSI Demo.
  • What does each of the GSI Demo components do?
    GroupLab Collabrary provides the networking infrastructure needed to support several speech clients on the same computer or distributed over a network.
    GroupLab WidgetTap allows one to create relative coordinates to an existing desktop window.
    MERL Gesture Engine tracks hand postures of multiple people on the Diamond Touch table.
    GSI Demo is the tool that allows recording and playing back of speech and gesture to keyboard and mouse mappings.