Getting Started With Shared Phidgets Programming

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  • Introduction
  • The SharedPhidgets toolbox
  • The tutorials


With the SharedPhidgets toolkit you can easily build new applications with distributed physical user interfaces. The toolkit library provides components for the Microsoft .NET programming languages, like C# and VisualBasic. We recommend to use C#; also all the tutorials and examples are written in C#.

If you are already experienced with developing applications using the former Phidgets.NET toolkit, then you can use the SharedPhidgets toolkit with only a few changes. There have been a lot of extensions and additional tools, but the API of most of the components are the same as before (e.g., servo, interfacekit, rfid reader). You can also read the Tutorial how to tranfer existing Phidgets.NET software to the Shared Phidgets toolkit.

The SharedPhidgets toolbox

When you installed the toolkit, the setup software automatically adds a new toolbox with components in your VisualStudio.NET development environment. There you can find all available building blocks to develop your applications; simply bu drag-and-drop the controls on your Windows application form.

Here you can see an overview of all the available components of the library (Release 1.0.3):

The tutorials

All the programming tutorials you can find on the SharedPhidgets project page. Here are some tutorials to start with.