GSI Demo

GSI Demo allows you to map existing single user applications to a multi user speech and gesture enabled tabletop by demonstration. Creating a mapping is as simple as saying "Computer, when I do [one finger gesture] you do [left mouse drag]" or "Computer, when I say layer bars you do [keyboard and mouse macro]". GSI Demo also provides facilities for rapidly prototyping true multi user speech and gesture applications from the ground up.

GSI Demo has several limitations: it does not support hand posture movements, it requires a Smart Board or a Diamond Touch table on a PC running Windows XP. For programmers, GSI Demo is implemented as a .NET package.

Please note that GSI Demo is a early prototype system that is provided 'as is'. While we would be happy to receive feedback, there are no resources to provide support and/or extensions to the existing system.


Download and Installation

GSI Demo requires that several external components be installed prior to installation. Please make sure that you have the following installed first.

Common Installation

Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories

Smart Technologies Inc

After you have installed the required components

Tutorials and Examples

Using GSI Demo

  • Getting Started. Learn how to Start a speech client and run an application mapping.
  • Simple Mappings. Learn how to create your own speech and gesture mapping to Microsoft Windows Solitare.
  • Advanced Mappings. Learn how to create a speech and gesture mapping to Mozilla Firefox.

Programming with GSI Demo

Sample Applications


Notes about GSI Demo

Papers / Videos