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Toolkits: EasyImages Toolkit: Camera Capture & Image Processing

EasyImage is a lightweight toolkit that makes it really easy to:

No specialized knowledge of cameras or image processing is required to use its basic features.



Download and Installation


EasyImages Tutorial Examples - Source and Executables:

To best understand these tutorials, we strongly recommend that:

  1. CameraMinimal. A minimalist program that gets and shows video frames from a camera attached to your computer.
  2. Camera Client/Camera Server Interaction. A more fully featured version of the above that lets you interactively start/stop the camera, set its frame rate, and set the camera image size.
  3. ImageManipulator. Shows how to manipulate an image (in this case a running video) to apply distortions (blurring, edge detection, etc.) and dithers (various levels of greys and colore).
  4. ImageDifferencing. Shows how to generate an image that is the result of subtracting two images, and analysing the two to see how different they are.
  5. ImageToJPG. Shows how to easily convert an image to a jpg, using a quality setting.
  6. ImageAlphaBlending. Shows how to alpha blend two images together using an alpha blending value.
  7. VideoAlphaBlending. Shows how to alpha blend a video stream together over time, which shows a brief glimpse into past activities.
  8. VideoManipulatingBits. Shows how to manipulate bits in an image, in this case by 'washing out' the image. Please read Understanding Bitmaps, as this explains how all this works. Note that this is more about processing bitmaps than about EasyImages...
  9. VideoSlitScanning. Shows how to create a slit-scannedimage, where a column from a source frame is appended to the end of a destination bitmap. This illustrates further ways to manipulate bits. Please read Understanding Bitmaps and examine the VideoSlitScanning code before trying to understand this more advanced bitmap manipulation example. Note that this is more about processing bitmaps than about EasyImages...
  10. VideoResize is included in the examples to illustrate how to use the EasyImages.ImageGenerator.Resize method. No tutorial is included, as this API may be changed...


Recipes and How-To's

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