EPS Example Three

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Tutorial - Example 3. Two EPS Lenses

This tutorial shows how to use multiple EPS Lenses. This program is a simplified version of Example 2 (no combo box nor trackbar, but dots and lenses). In this program, you can use the left mouse button to control one lens and the right mouse button to control the other one. You can download the full code below. There are several things to look for:

  • You need to create an EPSEnvironment
  • Lenses are then added to the environment
  • Use methods of the EPSEnvironment to calculate the output (not via individual lenses)
env.get_MagnifiedPoint2DandMagnification(vecIn1, vecOut1);
Download: EPS2LensesEXE.zip
Source: EPS2Lenses.zip
  • Unzip all files (executables plus dependancies) into a single folder.
  • The executable should run just by clicking the .exe
  • For recompiling the source, you may have to reset the reference to point to the EPSCOM dll.