EPS Agent Mystery Game

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EPS Agent Mystery Game! ''

Created by Tony Quach

Agent utilizes the Elastic Presentation System (EPS). It is built around a detective/murder mystery game. The user navigates through different scenes while using EPS to interact with people and objects to gather clues.

Download: eps-agent-exec.zip
Source: eps-agent-src.zip

Unzip all files (executable plus dependancies) into a single folder.
EPS must be installed for this to work.

How to play: First, some basic road mapping. The game screen is mainly consisted of the following objects:

  • An actual screen scene where the user interacts with people and object
  • "Map" show which room the user is currently in
  • "Clues" are a list of clues the user has gathered and saved
  • "Items" items the user have collected
  • "Day" can be either morning or night, the game plays differently depending on the day-cycle
  • "Text" the text of occuring situations

As the user mouses over interactable objects the object increases in size. Once the size reaches a certain point, text about the object is displayed.

Certain objects may have useful clues displayed in the Text area. To save these clues left-click the mouse. As the user mouses over the list of clues, the current clue is enlarged and the rest are shrunk to accomodate it.