The Collabrary is a library of COM objects for rapidly prototyping collaborative multimedia applications. Example applications include: media spaces, synchronous real-time groupware, community information spaces, computer vision applications, scripted image and video manipulation.

Note: The shared dictionary aspect of this system has been rewritten as .Networking; we highly recommend you use that instead. However, the Collabrary is still very useful for multimedia manipulation.


Download and Installation

The download instructions and files can be found on the GroupLab Collabrary website:

Tutorials and Examples

  • FaceTracker (HTML) Demonstrates how to use the Collabrary.FaceTracker object
  • PhotoCopyTest (VB6, ZIP) Demonstrates using the Collabrary.Photo.Copy method to crop images
  • PhotoResizeTest (VB6, ZIP) Demonstrates using the Collabrary.Photo.Resize method to resize images. Also demonstrates how to get VB6 native pictures into Collabrary.Photo objects using the Photo.Paste method
  • SharedDrawing (VB6, ZIP) Demonstrates how to build a simple groupware drawing program using the Collabrary.SharedDictionary object
  • SocketDemo (VB6, ZIP) Demonstrates how to use the low-level Socket class provided by the Collabrary
  • Video Demo 1 (VB6, ZIP) Demonstrates how to capture video frames and render them in a Visual Basic form, and how to read and write frames from .avi files
  • Collabrary from .NET (C#, ZIP) Demonstrates how to use various Collabrary components from a .NET language

C# Examples

  • Video Mirror shows how to grab and display video frames from a camera
  • Web Image shows how to grab an image from the web and crop it automatically.