CB Screen Sharing

This media item lets people share their computer desktop.

Some tips for the Screen Sharing item:

  • if you see a yellow border around your tile, you have 5 seconds left before an auto-update
  • if you see a red border around your tile, someone is looking at your desktop in their Separate view
  • click on your tile to do an immediate update
  • if you're sharing a region and want to share your full Primary screen, double-click on one of the handles
  • if you're sharing a region and want to share your full Secondary screen, double-click with the right mouse button on one of the handles

Download and Installation

Requirements: Gregor McEwan's Community Bar must already be installed.

  • Download the latest version: ScreenShareItem-1.1.3.msi (updated November 4, 2006)
    • For Vista users: You may get an MsiInstaller error when you try to intall the Screen Sharing item. The fix is to register jsscript.dll and/or vbscript.dll (found in C:\Windows\System32 on most machines) - thanks to François St-Arnaud for reporting this.
    • Changes:
      • bug fix for separate window's zooming
  • Previous Versions


Please email me (tee <at> cpsc.ucalgary.ca) any feedback, questions, or bug reports.

This Screen Sharing item is developed by: Kimberly Tee, Spring 2006. Included with permission.