CB Photo Item

This example media time lets a group share photos. It works as follows.

  • there is no difference between master and slave
  • anyone can drag a photo into the tile, the tooltip grande, or the separate view; all can then see it
  • the photo is scaled to fit as best as it can in the space alotted to it
  • as well, large photos are reduced to 1280 x 1024 max size, and recompressed; this means you can share even really large photos without worrying about impact (final photos are usually only 100Kb)
  • the current photo replaces the last photo
  • any photo visible in a local person's community bar is automatically written to the folder My Pictures\CBPhotos
  • in the separate view, there is a Browse Pictures button which calls up the default windows photo viewer (if configured by that machine's user); this normally allows a person to browse the images in the above folder.
  • the file name is included at the bottom of the separate and tooltip grande view
Source: PhotoItem-Nov27-05.zip
Unzip all files (executables plus dependancies) into a single folder. To run it, the Community Bar needs to be installed. You can either add the files in obj\Debug into the appropriate Items folder of the Community Bar, or recompile it within the Media Item tester.

This Media Item example is developed by: Saul Greenberg, Fall 2005. Included with permission.