Developing Community Bar Media Items

The CommunityBar system displays media items within a sidebar. However, Community Bar is also a toolkit that lets you develop your own media items. This package includes a template and instructions for how to do this.


Download and Installation

To develop media items for the Community Bar please download the Media Item Test Environment



  • Photo media item Allows photos to be shared by a group. Creator: Saul Greenberg
  • Screen Sharing media item Allows computer desktops to be shared by a group. Creator: Kimberly Tee
  • Presence Item Very complex Media Item with a lot of functionality.
  • Chat Item Supports text chat. Probably the best existing demonstration of the value of the Tile-Transient-Separate transition.
  • Invitation Item Item for scheduling group events.
  • Sticky Item Only the owner can enter text. Useful for announcements and notices.
  • Web Item Allows web pages to be shared. Displays a capture of the web page.