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Community Bar source code (v3.2.9)

The code has the following properties:

  • installation is dependent on Microsoft .NET 1.1 being installed
  • when installed CB will install Collabrary version 1.0.28, if a later version is installed on the machine it may cause CB problems. Installing CB may overwrite other installed Collabrary versions.
  • GroupLab.Networking is packaged with CB and it references a local version so other installs will not interfere.
  • It's produced on Visual Studio 2003. I'm told there may be issues with using VS 2005.

Code sections

  • Bar Interface Manages the sidebar interface. Contains all interface stuff that is not CB specific.
  • CbModel Data Model wrappers. Contains all interaction with the Shared Dictionary and wraps it into useful objects like Person, Place, Item, etc.
  • Community Bar The main application that uses the Bar Interface library to display the data from CbModel and the content from Media Items.
  • SideItem The Interface that Media Items have to implement to be loaded by CB.
  • GroupLab.Networking The .Networking code is packaged with CB but is a separate project. Follow the link for documentation.
  • ColourGenerator. Generates the colour schemes for the Place displays. Using a Base colour it varies the saturation to produce New and Dark colours.
  • Media Items Media Item creation is documented as a separate project. Existing Media Items (e.g. ChatItem, PresenceItem, WebItem) are documented as examples.