Bug And Feature List

Map feature issues - we are checking into these

  • Subscribing to changes of maps does not seem to work. e.g., with something like .Pattern = "/stuff/*";
  • Changing values does not work like described in the documentation, that is,
    • this doesn't work: (sd[ "/stuff/map.prop2" ] = 25;
    • this works: Map myMap = ((Map)sd.GetEntry("/stuff/map").Value; myMap["prop2"] = 25;
    • Is there a smarter way to do this?
    • Regardless, can you update the documentation?
  • Yibo says: To access fields of a map, use map#property.

Console Window

  • Bug: the events window and the text it contains is all black, so we can't read it.
  • The interface to this is overly crude given how important it is for testing. We need to do the following.
  • Get rid of dialog boxes completely. Its too painful.
    • Ideally, put an empty editable set of fields at the bottom - at any time, people can type into it to add a new entry.
    • Similarly, it would be good if a person could select and directly edit an existing value on the list,
    • Similarly, it would be good if a person could directly select and remove an existing value on the list (e.g., selecting an entry activates the remove button, which if clicked would remove the entry (also the delete key)


  • Retry counts have disappeared from the Disconnected callback - what is the story with retries?