Blended Lenses

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GSI Colour Blender

Created by Edward Tse

The GSI Color Blender application combines GsiDemo with the EPS Toolkit also seen on the cookbook webpage.

Download + Source:

Unzip all files (executable plus dependancies) into a single folder.

How it works: See the Video GsiDemo-BlendedLenses.wmv

 Multiple people can each move their own coloured lens.  When multiple colours 
come together their colours become blended. People can use speech to change
properties of their own lens of the lenses of others. Properties that can be
changed include: Shape, magnification amount, size and colour.

GSI Demo colour blender uses a greedy user searching algorithm to determine which lens should be acted upon for each speech command. Speech commands are directed to the corresponding users lens if no one is touching. If one person is touching then the speech command will be directed to that one person. If multiple people are touching the users corresponding lens will take priority.


This GSI Demo example was developed by: Edward Tse Jan 2007