Wii Mote

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Recipes and How-To's

How to Pair the Wiimote with Your PC

  • Go to "Control Panel". Under "Devices and Printers", select "change Bluetooth settings". Make sure to check the option: Allow bluetooth devices to connect to this computer
  • Go to "Control Panel". Under "Devices and Printers", select "add a device".
  • Press and hold 1 & 2 buttons on the wiimote at the same time.
  • A new "Input Device" shows up in your "Add a device" window. Select it, and click on the "Next" button.
  • Wait until the driver is installed by itself. During the time, make sure you still press and hold 1&2 buttons on the wiimote
  • After the pairing is done, the wiimote's LEDs will constantly flashing.
  • Note that you need to pair it again every time you lose the connection (either the computer or the wiimote is off).

Hello World Examples