PQ Labs Overlay

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The PQ Labs Overlay is a high precision and customizable multi-touch surface which comes with its own SDK that allows programmers to build custom applications on both Windows and Mac.

There are three ways to write multi-touch applications in Windows:

  1. using the Multi-Touch SDK and Gesture Library,
  2. using Windows 7 Native Touch, or
  3. using TUIO.

Meanwhile there are 2 ways to write multi-touch application in Mac OS X:

  1. using the Multi-Touch SDK and Gesture Library, or
  2. using TUIO

Download and Install


Ensure that:

  • Visual Studio 2010 Professional or Express is installed
  • PQ Labs Overlay/Display has be set-up and calibrated

Multi-Touch SDK and Gesture Library for WPF (C#)


Download and execute the SDK set-up.

The SDK folder, called PQLabs, will be installed and set-up in the Program Files (x86) directory.

The dll file, executable examples, and documentation can be found in the MultiTouch SDK folder within the PQlabs directory.


Download and save the project template in the VisualC# folder in the Templates directory of Visual Studio.

Note: Do NOT extract the file. Leave it as is.

Complete SDK Collection

  • All other variants of the PQ Labs SDK can be found here.

Recipe's and How-To's