Micro Framework

This page provides an overview of .NET Micro Framework programming. We use GHI Electronics Microcontrollers (Panda and Domino) and program in C#.NET.


Download and Installation

  1. Install Visual Studio 2010
  2. Install the .NET Micro Framework SDK.
  3. Install the GHI Electronics SDK.
  4. Install the GHI Usb drivers

Getting started

  1. Connect the micro controller via USB
  2. Start Visual Studio, click "New Project..."
  3. Select "Visual C# / Micro Framework" on the left side in the dialog window
  4. Select "FEZ Panda Application", click OK
  5. Go into project settings, select tab ".NET Micro Framework", in "Deployment" select "USB", click OK
  6. Run the current visual studio project (press F5).
  7. You should see a blinking LED light

Tutorials and Examples