Helix 3D Toolkit

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The Helix 3D Toolkit is a highly capable 3D graphics library for WPF. It has a wide number of capabilities, but its most salient feature is the easy WPF-style controls for 3D operations and ease of use.

Some other features include: camera manipulation controls, standard controls (such as viewports), importing and exporting files, mesh builder, 3D visuals, effects, etc.

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Installation and Setup

Downloading and installing the Helix 3D Toolkit is very easy:

  1. Head to the Helix 3D Toolkit website: http://helixtoolkit.codeplex.com/
  2. Click on the download link. You will get 2 folders, one for .NET 4.0 (Visual Studio 2010 and up) and one for .NET 4.5 (Visual Studio 2012 and up).
  3. Add the toolkit .dll to your solution.
  4. Start making awesome graphics applications

Keep in mind a few things:

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Recipes and How-To's

  • Getting Started - shows a basic application where we set up a scene and create some visuals
  • Loading 3D Model - shows how to load a model from a file (.3ds, .lwo, .obj, .stl).
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