Android is an operating systems for smart phones and tablets, written in Java.


Download and Installation (install in this order)

Recipes and How-To's

How to create a new Android Project.

  • File -> New -> Project -> Android Project
  • Build Target
    • 2.X is for smaller devices
    • 3.X is for tablets
  • Properties
    • Build Target: Android version to use
    • App. Name: Name in Android
    • Package Name: reverse.url.application
      • Example: com.adobe.flash
    • Create Activity: Name of main class you want to create (do this)

Hello World Examples

Development Tips

  • adb is a command line program useful for various interactions with your android device
    • Located by default in Windows @ "C:\Program Files\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools"
    • adb logcat : gives you a realtime log of android activity (including application errors)
    • Much easier to use with a better console application (like: Console)
  • There is an Android GUI builder, located as a tab for each xml file, when using Eclipse.
  • Use a real device instead of the emulator. The real device runs faster than the emulator. And, some people (including the writer) has experienced problems connecting the emulator to Eclipse on Windows.


  • Matthew Dunlap
  • Richard Fung