AR Toolkit

Attach:artoolkitimage.jpg ARToolkit is a vision recognition system written in C++.


Download and Installation



  1. Download and extract ARToolkit to a working directory
  2. Download and extract GLUT 3.7 to a working directory
  3. Copy glut32.dll from glut-3.7.6-bin to ARToolkit/bin
  4. Verify that GLUT 3.2 is working
    1. Run ARToolkit/bin/graphicsTest.exe
    2. Run ARToolkit/bin/simpleLite.exe
  5. Verify that you can use the debug versions
    1. Run ARToolkit/bin/graphicsTestd.exe
    2. Run ARToolkit/bin/simpleLited.exe
      1. If you cannot run this program, you need to install the Visual Studio 2003 debug runtime.


  1. Open ARToolkit/patterns and print out the PDF files. Hiro and Kanji are the two basic patterns used.

Recipes and How-To's

Using in C#

Use NyARToolkit, the port of ARToolkit for Java and C#.

Tutorials and Examples

  • (Under Construction)



  • Richard Fung
  • Miaosen Wang