Stock Music

Music by Rob Diaz-Marino

You may use this music in your videos if you find it appropriate, however please give credit as follows:

  • Music: "Song Title" by Rob Diaz-Marino.
Doc's ThemeCare-free, CalmMusic Box
Dragon StatuesEthnic, OddCambience CSCW06
InvestigationSerious, UrgentSave 'Em
Wolfe's ThemeHappy, Upbeat 
CarnivalHappy, Theatrical 
Deep BelowDark, Tense 
Doom MarchDark, Gloomy, Suspenseful 
Dorian and ZedgeQuirky, Upbeat 
EvergreenUpbeat, WorldlySoundboard
The GamblerIrish, Fun, Upbeat 
The OutpostCalm, HappyAibo Surrogate
StargazingCalm, Dreamy, Beautiful 
Closer to the StarsUpbeat, Exciting, Rock n' Roll 
Out Into the WorldEthnic, Worldly 
Lashan's ThemeUpbeat, ObnoxiousJeeves
Kaltok's ArrivalCalm, Happy, Busy 
The FactoryIndustrial, Mechanical, Unfriendly 
Space WalkSpacy, Urgent 
LowgroundLazy, Ethnic 
Dragon WingsUpbeat, Electronic 
Dragon Wings (Remix)Upbeat, Electronic, Techno 
Following the FalconCalm, Curious, Happy 
Out of the FlamesUpbeat, Confident, Techno 
RidingUpbeat, Happy 

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