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HowToEditTheConnector-config: XmlFile

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All the XML configuration files of the tools and example applications in the SharedPhidgets toolkit can be edited directly (e.g., by using a standard text editor like Windows Notepad). While you can configure the applications directly in the user interface, sometimes it might be faster to just edit the XML file.

Please note: Do not change anything in the XML files unless you are familiar with XML editing and structure of valid documents. By changing the wrong setting, the config file might be invalid and causes the application to not work properly.

<SharedPhidgetsConnector.Configuration assembly="SharedPhidgetsConnector, Version=1.0.2197.25789, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null">
    <location>Math Science 671</location>
    <keywords>iLab Homespace GroupLab</keywords>

1) Change the TCP address of the server:


2) Change the metadata location information with:

<location>Math Science 671</location>

3) The owner metadata:


4) Or change the keywords for additional metadata tags:

<keywords>iLab Homespace GroupLab</keywords>

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