Dictionary Event Example: Seeing Events As They Happen

'Dictionary Event Example' (DictionaryEventExample) illustrates basic events generated by the shared dictionary and by subscriptions. The source/executable is included in the example downloads.

Read this example carefully and make sure you understand it. Understanding the events you can capture and how they are triggered will be helpful to you in the long run.

Watch this: Dictionary Event Example

This example shows Dictionary Event Example. Watch it, and then try executing the example yourself. To summarize the steps illustrated in the movie:

1. Start a Server (the .Networking Dictionary Monitor)

  • Select All Programs/GroupLab/Networking/DictionaryMonitor, then select the open button to open the dictionary at the default URL location tcp://localhost:test.

2. Execute Several Instances of DictionaryEventExample

  • Try opening / closing the example via the checkbox, incrementing the value, deleted that value from the Dictionary Monitor, etc.