Timelapse Coder Prototypes

This page is not useful for anyone but the Timelapse Developers. It just contains random prototypes developed by Matthew Dunlap and/or Saul Greenberg for testing various things that may be included in a future release of Timelapse Coder.



  • SQLite Standalone 1 - Programatic Database Population
    • Description: Tests the ability to use the SQLite dll without installation, the creation of databases/tables/records programatically, and the querying of that information through an application. Click the radio buttons to query the database depending on M/F/All. The way the application works is it loads, creates a new blank database (stored next to the exe) and table, and then populates the table in a hardcoded fashion.
    • Download

  • SQLite Standalone 2 - Population from CSV
    • Description: Extends upon SQLite Standalone 1, reading a CSV for populating the database/table. The CSV must be named sample.csv and has to be to be in the same folder as the executable. While this prototype populates the database from a csv, the labels and the radiobuttons are hardcoded, so changing the csv to one with different column names will not work.
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  • SQLite Standalone 3 - Speed Test and Speed Improvements
    • Description: Added a slider to quickly leaf through the records to test query speed. Also wrote an InsertMultiple method to vastly improve table creation speeds.
    • Download

  • SQLite Standalone 4 - Male and Female Individual Records
    • Description: Upgraded slider functionality to slider through all male or female records. Programatically, all male/female records are stored in a table before record "x" is chosen by the slider and displayed.
    • Download

Important Links

  • SQLite: A light-weight SQL database engine as a dll that can be incorporated into a program. However, if you want to access it via C# (instead of C), you should use the System.Data.SQLite .Net provider below.
  • System.Data.SQLite: a .NET provider for SQLlite with a tutorial page and sample code
  • SQLite Administrator: a GUI for seeing, creating and modifying SQLite databases and its tables
  • System.Data.SQLite Convenience Wrappers: Some pre-created convenience wrappers around it that make it really easy to query tables, insert things, etc.