Software Project

2009 Release (Upcoming)

project lead: Thomas, developers: Susan, BIll
last code review: 31 August

Primary objectives for the Q3 software release include:

  • improved system responsiveness at startup and shutdown (target goal: 5000ms startup, 2000ms shutdown)
  • Revised help interface, including integrated search capabilities
  • Improve availability of standard widgets across page layout, printing, and database modules.

Critical documents

Time-sensitive documents, things that have been sent out for review.
Re-visit this list frequently! No information here should be out of date more than 24 hours.

  • Project Proposal (Revised).doc awaiting approval
    Project proposal last updated by Susan on 15 August, including new screenshots and data flow diagrams.
  • Deployment Plan.doc discuss at meeting, 23 September
    Need buy-ins from marketing, technical support on the proposed timeline
    (Thomas is running these dates by upper management September 1-2)

Shared Resources