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Demos: Wish list of things to implement

Canmore end (all of these are now done)

  1. On starting up, raise the connection box. Since this is the likely next action, it saves a step.
  2. After hitting the ‘connect’ button and OK’ing the dialog box, it would be nice to see some feedback that it is trying to connect, as well as some feedback if it fails. For example, I am trying to connect now, and after doing the above all I see is a blank screen (I think the server is down? Its failing to connect). No feedback is provided to tell me if it is still trying, or if it has hung, or if it has failed, or that I should try again...
  3. Before connecting, it should show the mirrored video in the picture in picture (or maybe make that an option, i.e., ‘Always show mirrored video’
  4. Interface controls: instead of having some on the top and some on the bottom, put them all in one place. No real reason for them to be separated...
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