MEdia Space Current Bug List

This page is a persistent record of all outstanding and resolved issues with the MEdia Space demo software. Please precede any new bug reports with the date they are logged, followed by a unique lowercase letter so that each bug can be managed individually. (For example, the first bug logged on 1 June 2008 would be 20080601a.)

When closing bugs, please append the version number of the MEdia Space software that fixed the bug, for example, "(fixed version 1.1)".


Saul's Bugs (his priority list)

  • 20091029: (minor) Icon for media space (home node) application doesn't exist, i.e., it just shows the generic windows icon on the desktop (Resolved 2.1.9?)
  • 20091002a: (serious functional) I believe there is a memory leak in the screen saver. I think this causes the office client to die when disconnected for a long time. (Resolved 2.1.9?)
  • 20091002e: (non-serious, but functionally problematic) Video rate. I suspect that the control of video rate is NOT behaving as in the options dialog. As with the motion detector, this is likely because the states are not being correctly triggered. Also, the video flow control algorithm needs to be tested. Solution: start by testing extensively to see if there is a problem.
  • 20091002g: (serious, intermittent, hard to reproduce). Every now and then the system connects, but doesn't display video. I can make the Skype connection, but not the video connection. Not sure what is going on.
  • 20091002h: (semi-serious). Its still possible to make the skype connection (the call button) while another person is doing the same thing. We need to put in some mechanism to ensure that one takes priority, e.g., Home node always has priority: when I click call from home, it sets the state in the dictionary, waits for a reply to be propogated, and then actually tries to establish the call. If the office node tries to establish a call during this time, it too sends it across but the home node will not allow that because it knows its trying to set up the call. This will have to be tested extensively. (Resolved 2.1.9?)
  • 20091003k: (serious): sometimes the office end does not show the home video, even though on the home end it appears as if the video is being transmitted. Disconnecting and reconnecting does not fix this.

Critical Bugs

Non-Critical Bugs

Feature Requests

  • 20091002i: I would like to get a proximity sensor working on the home node, where it progressively closes the blinds over time (say 5 minutes) if I am way, maybe putting something that says 'away' on the video, and then opens them when I return (although it should play a sound for this). (added version 2.1.11)

Closed Bugs

  • 20080609b: Calgary client title bar is doing strange things -- doesn't allow user to move window (fixed version 1.2 -- thanks, Saul!)
  • 20080609c: Lots of the Phidgets stuff is hard-coded into the Canmore client; should be managed on the Calgary side and parameterized into the Constants and Variables classes for portability
  • 20080609h: Implementation of chat box needed
  • 20080609j: Implementation of utilities dialog needed
  • 20080609l: Outoging image sub-window should be draggable within the user interface (fixed version 1.1)
  • 20080609a: Canmore client does not terminate when window is closed (thread still executing someplace) (fixed version 1.2)
  • 20080609d: Canmore client should allow semantic zooming behavior on resize, eliminating redundancies among multiple forms and allowing smooth resizing between different semnatic levels. Also, minimizing app (perhaps to the taskbar) should be supported (fixed version 1.2)
  • 20080609e: Code needs to be added to the video display windows to guarantee that the proper aspect ratio is maintained when displaying video feeds, regardless of how the client window is resized (fixed version 1.2)
  • 20080610a: Canmore client crashes when trying to re-establish an audio connection after one has been previously closed within the same session
  • 20080612a: Canmore end should attempt to connect automatically on startup (fixed version 1.2)
  • 20080612b: It would be good if the UI provided feedback on connection progress (and failure)
  • 20080612c: Mirrored video should display any time the camera is connected (fixed version 1.2)
  • 20080612d: UI controls should probably be consolidated (all on the top or all on the bottom; fixed version 1.2)
  • 20080616d: Office node should use as much of the secondary monitor (1200 x 1600) as possible
  • 20080616e: Notification messages on the office node should be more descriptive
  • 20091016 (annoyance) Make Office node full screen (fixed 2.1.8)
  • 20091006a (annoyance) Change the behaviour of Skype so it does NOT disappear when the media space is used. There are times when I need to access Skype, and it is set up to make this impossible of the media space is running. (fixed 2.1.8)
  • 20091002b: (non-serious, but gets in the way of debugging stalled video) Timestamp issues. The timestamp on the video images should be set on the sender's side to get a true indication of the time sent. As well both office and home nodes should implement this time stamp. (fixed 2.1.8)
  • 20091002c: (non-serious, but annoying) The motion detector detects things, but I think it doesn't do the right behaviour. For example, it plays a sound when noone is there, and then fails to play a sound when someone comes in. This feature needs extensive testing in the real office environment. I suspect that the states are not being correctly triggered from particular motions. (fixed 2.1.8)
  • 20091002d: (non-serious, cosmetic) The buttons should appear on the home node as I expand the window, i.e., even over the text box. This is because I often have to rapidly answer a call, but then have to screw around trying to make these buttons appear. Even better, it would be good to have very small buttons at the bottom (same icon images) that I can click no matter how small the screen (e.g., align this as a row on the bottom , where it shares space with the status bar). The door-open indicator can be eliminated by having the door icon reflect the current state. If I start growing the window, a one line chat box can appear, and then the two can trade off against each other. (fixed 2.1.8)
  • 20091002j: (interface fix): the text in the office node arising from the text chat needs to be larger/viewable by someone coming in. I think its too easy to miss. (fixed 2.1.8)
  • 20091002f: (non-serious, cosmetic). On disconnect, get rid of that dialog box that says "the connection was terminated". The change of the display on the screen to Not Connected already says it all. (fixed 2.1.9)
  • 20091003l:(feature request) We need a way to restart the office node from home in case things go wrong, i.e., a quit signal that not only closes the office node, but restarts it. (fixed 2.1.9)
  • 20091007: (minor but annoying) If skype is not installed, the program just crashes. It should check, and if Skype is not reachable it should (fixed 2.1.10)
    • at least warn the person and quit gracefully
    • even better, start but with the telephone button disabled (and a warning, eg., an x over the telephone button, where the tooltip says something about not being able to reach / access skype)