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Demos: MEdia Space

The MEdia Space is an experiment in re-designing a traditional media space to better support the needs of a teleworker who often works from home rather than commuting into the office. The system's design challenges the emphasis on maintaining symmetry typically found in other media space systems and is most clearly reflected in the physical placement and ownership of the system's nodes. The MEdia Space also incorporates a variety of physical sensors and actuators, which are employed to invite more natural usage of the system on the office side and to provide a heightened sense of awareness about activity in the office space for the remote teleworker.

This project is a work-in-progress. As a result, the features of the demonstration software and the focus of the research project may change significantly in the future.

The MEdia Space extends a previous demonstration project within the lab, Twinned Media Space .



This project is under active development and is intended for testing and evaluation purposes only. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK/PERIL!

A list of known bugs is being maintained online. If you happen to be using this project and discover any problems, please email Rob Diaz-Marino with a description of your bug or add it to the wiki page. (Thanks!)

Download and Installation

Prerequisites and Dependencies


The system supports the presence of a Phidgets InterfaceKit module attached to USB and hosting two devices: an automatic door opener whose open/close toggle circuit is connected to a digital output, and a Phidgets infrared motion sensor. Optional are a phigets doorbell switch, and door detection switch.


The system supports the presence of a Phidgets InterfaceKit module attached to USB and hosting an optional motion sensor to detect presence.

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