Setting up the Community Bar Server

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This page explains how to set up a Community Bar server. Once you have a server running then clients can connect and share information.

It is recommended that you choose a fast machine that is not heavily loaded with other processes for the server.

  1. Download and run the Community Bar installer (.msi file).
  2. "Start -> All Programs -> GroupLab -> Community Bar -> Community Server"
  3. Click the "Open" button in the top left of the server.
  1. In the dialog box, in the "Address" field, enter "tcp://localhost:<server-name>". The server name can be a string name or a number which specifies the port. In the screenshot below the server address is "" and the server name is "example".

NB: If you get firewall issues with clients connecting, sometimes using the server name/port "23" can work.

  1. Click the "Open" button.
  1. When clients are started on other machines