Awareness Icon: Forming ad-hoc groups around artifacts

This is extremely preliminary software meant for internal sharing. You probably don't want to try this out yet.


Download and Installation

Awareness Icon Installation Instructions:

  1. Download and extract
  2. Execute AwarenessWebItem.exe.


  1. For now, use the shared dictionary at tcp://
  2. Sign up an account with first time login.
  3. Add a new group under the groups tab.
  4. Select and open the newly added group for a web item.
  5. Add or drag emails in the list of members under users tab of the web item window.
  6. Select and invite members one by one.
    • Select one member and click invite button.
    • Drag the Web tab to a messenger or email client window to manually invite a user.
  7. Insert a container from the combo box under the new container box.
  8. Drag a URL from a browser and drop into the web item tab or an image under the picture tab.
  9. Upon receiving an invitation, a user downloads the binary and signs up her account.
    • She can see all the groups she was invited into in case of automatic invitation.
    • She can drag the group GUID from the manual invitation to the group list under groups tab.
  10. She selects and opens a group to join.
  11. She quits an joined group by selecting a group and clicking the remove button.
  12. The owner removes an owned group by selecting a group and clicking the remove button.
  13. A user signs off by closing the main window.

Bug List

Buggy Code Snippets

  • .Net Bitmap/Image screw-up
    1. Run BitmapBugDemo in Visual Studio 2005 Debug Mode.
    2. Click the button on the bottom to set up a connection to a shared dictionary.
    3. Drag and drop an image onto the form to trigger the problem.
      • The form is supposed to tell the dimensions of the dropped image.
      • However, the image in the shared dictionary loads magically if you run this program for a second time.


  • Put link in for Artifact Buddy

Tutorials and Examples

  • (Under Construction)