GroupLab Collabrary

Collaborative Multimedia Prototyping Toolkit



The Collabrary is a library of COM objects for rapidly prototyping collaborative multimedia applications.  Example applications include:

  • media spaces
  • synchronous real-time groupware
  • community information spaces
  • computer vision applications
  • scripted image and video manipulation


The Collabrary is produced by GroupLab, the Human-Computer Interaction Laboratory at the Department of Computer Science at the University of Calgary, directed by Dr. Saul Greenberg.  The Collabrary was written by, and is supported by Michael Boyle, a PhD student at GroupLab.

Licensing Agreement

IMPORTANT: This software and accompanying material was written to support research activities at GroupLab, the Human-Computer Interaction research laboratory at the University of Calgary. All material is free for download and use, as specified by our general license terms and the specific terms included in the downloads. No warranty, expressed or implied, is offered regarding the use of the components made available here, their reliability, or fitness for any particular purpose. Use at your own risk.


End user download

This web page uses ActiveX Component Download for Internet Explorer to download and install the Collabrary software components.

Developer download

This Windows Installer package installs the Collabrary software components, plus documentation and samples for developers who wish to use the Collabrary.  The current version is: 1.0.28 released 26 June 2006.


This area of this web site is still under construction.  Some preliminary documentation is available here.


This area of this web site is still under construction.  Some preliminary samples are available here.



Please email questions and bug reports to Michael Boyle at




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